November 3, 2009

Finding the Right Router.

One of my favorite features on my Nokia E63 is its wifi capability. I love how it makes the world wide web so handy. However, I don't have a wireless router at home. Well, I guess I never really needed it before but now that I have a handheld wifi-enabled device, it would make sense to get a router, right? The problem is I can't decide what to get!!! First there's the issue of wireless n's or wireless g's. Then comes the brand and model issues!!! There's Linksys, D-Link, TP Link and now I come across a Belkin! Argh!!!! Couldn't there just be one obvious choice??? Okay, okay, most recomment linksys but it costs much more!!! Put it this way: a Linksys Wireless G or a Belkin Wireless N? Both cost roughly the same. Opinions?

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