December 6, 2009

Dog Hair Everywhere!!!


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The only downside to having an indoor dog is so much dog hair everywhere! Much as I love my Bubba, his constant shedding is wreaking havoc on my allergies. And yes, I'm asthmatic too. My doctor keeps telling me to get rid of the dog, but I said no. Instead, I got one of those small hand-held vaccuum cleaners. I figured it was enough to clean up the shed hair, especially on the couch and on the bed. However, I did not know that certain attachments or types of brushes would be better if my goal was to scoop up all that hair. For example, after our last car trip, I gave up on using my handheld car vaccuum cleaner to get the hair off the seat cover. I was using the typical car attachment and was getting frustrated that the hair was still there. Apparently, rolling brushes work better for that purpose. I always thought all vaccuum cleaners were created equal. Now I know better!

For more information on picking the right vaccuum for a particular purpose (i.e. for cars, pets, carpets, etc.) check out Dirt Devil's Holiday Buying Guide. The guide will also help you select the best deal for your money, especially if you plan to shop online this holiday season.

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