December 25, 2009

The Saenz Family Exchange Gift

Today was a blast. I woke up early to do some last minute baking before Christmas lunch then the family got together for our usual feast and gift giving. It was funny how a lot of us ended up giving each other  almost the exact same thing: pillows. There were microbead-filled pillows, foam ones, and those feather-filled ones as well. If we were to put all our beds next to each other, we would end up covered in an avalanche of new pillows and comforters almost all of which had similar designs! What I liked best, however, were the wedge memory foam pillows. It would be perfect both in in bed or in a computer chair. I, unfortunately, was not on the receiving end of one of these memory foam pillows. If I had one, I'd use it to elevate my legs at night when I go to bed. I've noticed lately that my varicose veins have gotten so bad, probably more due to the fact that I'm carrying around so much extra weight rather than due to the shoes I wear. In any case, I think the family had a similar thought for the year: we all need some rest. It has indeed been a very trying year for all of us and a good nights sleep will definitely do us all a world of good.

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