December 17, 2009

Remembering What Christmas Is All About.

I just returned home from one of the most enjoyable Christmas parties I have attended in a long time. It was a lot of fun bonding with friends and colleagues from the online community! On the way home, however, I was reminded of how much I have taken for granted what Christmas really is. During the party I sat with very dear friends Jennie and her hubby, Jeff, who is a pastor and we talked a bit about what church I go to and all that. It got me to thinking more about the true meaning of one of the most special  Christian holidays and how the season really is about the Jesus birth.

Behind the revelry, I started to feel a little guilty because I have been neglecting going to church and reading my Bible regularly. I never was also one to attend Bible Studies or Cell Groups much because I have always been quite a shy person. However, one day I came across a site that talked about online Bible study and I got to thinking, maybe this is something I can do. This can be a way for me to hear more about the word of God and continue to grow spiritually, especially since I tend to just am reminded to go to church on Christmas and Easter to commemorate the birth of Christ and Jesus resurrection

This Christmas I will take pause and remind myself of the spirit of Christmas. Not the gift-giving kind, but what it really is. Hopefully in 2010, I will find myself going back to church more regularly.

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