December 6, 2009

Baby Bedtime Discoveries

When I think of babies, images of happy, smiling, toothless little chubby faces dance in my head. I imagine the cooing bundles of joy seen in pictures and tv commercials for baby products. However, like what most parents can attest to, that is not always a baby's demeanor, especially when they are fussy because they need rest or did not have a good nights sleep.

Poor sleep leads not only to cranky babies, but to stressed out mommies as well. I remember when I was handling the infants class in UP CDC back in the day, I'd have parents come in and say "Teacher, pasensya ka na may sumpong si baby e" and then upon inquiry I find out that the baby was not able to sleep well the night before. I think poor sleep at any age would result in the same problem. I know I am exceptionally cranky when I don't get to sleep!

For many first time parents (even veteran ones!), dealing with a sleep deprived  infant is a nightmare. Sleep problems can not only be detrimental to a child's mood, but it can also affect their development as a whole. Being single and childless, I have never really had to deal with problems in putting kids to sleep and I will admit that I have been guilty of being too quick to judge or criticize parents who can't put their kids to sleep. However, after attending the Baby Bedtime Discoveries with Johnson's Baby last November 21, I became more aware of the plight of parents with babies with sleep problems.

The event was hosted by Tintin Bersola-Babao.  The Conservatory at the Manila Peninsula was converted into a very pretty nursery and we bloggers learned from sleep expert Dr. Luis Rivera and the Johnson's Baby Team about the importance of sleep and how to help your baby sleep better. A good nights sleep is just three steps away: a warm bath or punas, a soothing massage, and quiet time with baby. This was proven by a clinical study that showed improved sleep when following the Baby Bedtime Protocol.

 For more information, check out the Johnson's Baby Bedtime website at where you can learn more about the sleep protocol, results of the clinical trials, as well as tips, suggestions and stories of moms and their experiences with Johnson's Baby. You can even create a sleep journal for your little one there!

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