December 24, 2009

The Gift of Discipline

My mom was not a very strict towards me and my sister when we were groing up. She was not lax either. For me, she had a good balance between disciplining me and allowing me to explore life and make my own mistakes. Along the way, she made mistakes herself, but I think because she dared to discipline us the way she knew best, my sister and I grew up to be good people.

Nowadays parents have so new concerns to deal with, such as parenting in a technological world. To help the many parents and teachers of todays generation, one of my good friends, Jenny of Marriage and Beyond is hosting a contest and up for grabs is the The New Dare to Discipline Book by James Dobson. I hope I win this book. Even though I am not a parent yet, teaching both preschool and college kids have increasingly become a challenge in the last few years. Hopefully this can help me. Oh, plus the fact that the prize comes with Php 500 worth of Starbucks GC's makes it extra desirable for the Starbucks collector in me! 

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