July 3, 2009

What's Your Dream Car?

I'm sure when you're asked this question, images of Ferrari's, BMW's and the like come to mind. However, let me put a qualifier to that statement here: I'm not talking about those super duper fancy cars or what, but given your present financial capacity and the practical reality of today, what car would you consider getting now and why? I faced this question not too long ago as I tried to figure out what car to get to replace my old one that had died on me. I considered models such as the Toyota Yaris or perhaps some kind of a hybrid like those that Dodge makes. Besides the price tag (don't we all have to consider this first and foremost?!?) I was thinking about how important it is to get a car that gets good mileage, is fuel efficient and yet environmentally friendly. It's too bad though that these aren't easily available here in the Philippines. Nonetheless, it is still nice to look, right?

As I asked around, many suggested getting a Honda, mainly because of it's said to be a smooth drive, which honestly I didn't understand (but then again, I guess I won't understand because I personally have not driven a Honda before) but I kinda like their big cars, such as the Honda Pilot or Honda Element. They seem to be good options for out-of-town trips that I love taking :-) Sadly, though, besides them not being available locally, it is way out of my budget, even in my dreams. Sigh.

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james 7/04/2009 03:33:00 PM  

Duh, nothing can persuade me not to choose this new Toyota Fortuner. Err, is a Fortuner a car, or something else? They tell me a pickup is a truck. What is a Fortuner?

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