July 27, 2009

Home Safety with ADT.

Not so long ago, I blogged about a home invasion my cousin experienced. It's been several months since their home was robbed in the middle of the night (yes, they were home when it happened) but still, my cousin is plagued by nightmares about what could have happened, especially to their three very young children.

I think that for parents, one of the biggest concerns in the home is not having the nicest things, but to provide the safest home for their kids possible. From baby proofing outlets and cabinets to finding a good security alarm system, kids' safety is definitely key. They have started educating their children about how to escape should their be a fire and have even had done several fire drills. Also, they have posted emergency numbers beside the telephone and by the refrigerator. They even placed it within the kids' eye range.

Since the home invasion, my cousin has tried a variety of alarm systems and has yet to find one that suits their needs perfectly. Perhaps something like ADT in Floral Park. Having these systems are not only deterrents to home invasions but actually effective ways of protecting themselves as ADT systems offer 24/7 monitoring and quick emergency responses. What's best is that its simple, which, in my opinion, is great when there are kids around.

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