July 22, 2009

Five Things I'll Never Understand about People.

There are a lot of things in this world I don't understand, but given my teaching and psych background, I'd like to think people wouldn't be on that list of things I don't understand. However, more and more each day I'm made to remember things I don't get. So I made a list:

1. I don't understand why people honk their horns or flash their lights at you when you're stopped in a traffic light.

2. I don't get why people try to walk in to an elevator at the ground floor without letting people exit first.

3. Still with elevators, I don't understand why people who are standing by the elevator door refuse to move when you try to get out.

4. I don't understand why people step on toilet bowls.

5. I don't understand why people cannot follow simple traffic rules.

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