July 21, 2009

Home Improvement DIY Style.

When I was younger, one of my favorite television shows was Home Improvement. It starred Tim Allen and the then very young and cute Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The sitcom revolved around a DIY guy who starred in a show about making home improvements on your own. Since then, I developed a love-hate relationship with DIY hardware and the like. To be fair, my mother and sister are much better with tools and stuff, but I love building those desk sets and bookshelves on my own.

Now that I'm running a house almost all on my own, I've learned to find ways to make minor repairs and improvements, be it with changing light bulbs and simple fixtures and appliances around the kitchen. I suppose being a relatively tech savvy helps a whole lot too, as it has really given me home improvement strategies at the tip of my fingertips. By simply searching for on the net, I not only get prices but also product reviews and tips and techniques in my home repairs. There is one thing, however, I'm not ready to venture in: electrical work. This of course includes HVAC repairs, installments or even cleaning...I may just leave that to the pros for now. But give me some time, I may change my mind!

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