July 7, 2009

Weekend at Anvaya

I spent this weekend out of town :-) You gotta love it! Here's the latest addition to my collection of corals. Sometimes I wish I could just move to a quiet beach town. I love how being out in that kind of an environment soothes my soul. However, I think I would miss the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. One important consideration for me is whether Direct TV service would be available if I do move. It may be a silly or trivial thing, but it's comforting to have the familiarity and company of Directv, wouldn't you agree? I think it will help the transition easy for one.

Nonetheless, if I were to choose a state to move to, it would definitely be one where I'm close to the waters. Perhaps I can consider something like Florida. Other than it being surrounded by beaches, I have to admit watching CSI Miami has peaked my interest in that city. Plus of course, one of my really good friends has just moved there...hmmm..lemme go check if she's got Direct TV in FL!

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