July 10, 2009

Kids with Glasses: Geeks no More!!!

When I was in the third grade, I lost my prescription eyeglasses. Those days I wore glasses due to astigmatism but thankfully, it's gone now. I remember, however, how upset my mother was because the pair she had gotten for me cost roughly Php 3,000 or $75.00. And yes, like most children, that wasn't the first and only pair I had lost. Perhaps if she had gotten me $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, she wouldn't have gotten as upset as she did.

As a teacher, I have dealt with children who wear glasses in class and I have more than once, set aside a pair of glasses that my kids had left behind. A few times, however, these glasses were damaged or broken. I'm sure their parents were a bit upset as they needed to go get them replaced. Lucky for them online shopping is such a craze now and great deals are literally at their fingertips. I would suggest they check out Zenni Optical on TV!!! That way they can get a good deal to replace the lost glasses at affordable prices. If I were to choose one for a little girl, I definitely would go for this!!! Isn't it adorable?!? With frames like these bullies can no longer call kids with glasses geeks! High Five to Zenni Optical :-)

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Anonymous,  4/27/2016 09:25:00 AM  

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