January 5, 2009

Tell Me a Story, Cigarette Girl

Over the past three years I have learned a lot from Cigarette Girl...I've learned to blog, for one, and to try out new things. I also learned to appreciate old favorites and past times, such as watching movies or reading books. She also taught me the fine art of photoshopping, and downloading stuff on the net, though I still have to learn how the darned torrents thing works hehe.

Anyway, today I ask her to tell me a story. Stories to be precise...As she purges her bookshelf and packs up her bags, I ask her for these three wishes so they can keep me company when she is away...

1. The Lovely Bones.
2. A Case of Need.
3. Red Dragon.

Why should I get these? Like I's something tangible to remember her by :-) Of the three I've only read the first one, and I want it for sentimental reasons. The other two are written by authors I've always enjoyed, hence my desire to have this in my collection.

Lastly, if I win, then Cigarette Girl would have taught me something new again: that sometimes all you need to do is ask and you get it :-)

I wonder though if this will work if I ask for Prozac Nation too...

2 stars twinkling:

Tiffy 1/06/2009 02:36:00 AM  

Imho, The Lovely Bones is a good read c: Good choice.


Ria 1/06/2009 01:29:00 PM  

tiffy: thanks :-)'s a great story. can't wait for the movie adaptation to come out. if im not mistaken it's scheduled for release december 2009.

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