January 18, 2009

Shopaholic Goes Online!

In the past few days since I got Poppie (a.k.a. my new HP Pavilion...decided to name it Poppie on account of the brand and the fact that my sales of Orange Poppy Seed muffins contributed a lot to its purchase. More on that next time), I've spent a lot of time browsing the web. New discovery: online shopping!

Being a skeptic about shopping on the net, I've never really browsed the search engines or what not for items I needed, but as I was exploring, I came across a new and interesting way of shopping online...let me call it the Wiki Way of Shopping. Why the wiki way? Well, mainly because the site is called ShopWiki, which tells me that shopping here would be easy, as that's what the word "wiki" for me connotes. Like other wiki sites, it's user friendly, informative and well organized.

So with that, the shopaholic in me decided to do some shopping.

As a preschool teacher one of the many things I look for are great educational toys. Through this wiki way of shopping I got a whole lot of information with just a mouse-click. What I liked best about the site, however, was not just the listing of stores in which these toys (and other products) were available, but they also feature a buying guide. These guides explain the value or purpose This allows the buyer to make a more educated decision about things they are looking for.

Another thing that makes this site unique, in my opinion, is that it is more than just a shopping site. Unlike the typical online shopping sites I occasionally browse, this one is almost like a research center as it informs you about a product you are searching for, without necessarily giving you a "sales talk" as to why you should get one particular brand over another. I think it's because of the fact that it is more of a search engine that actually crawls the web. Plus it actually relies on buyers to give reviews on products and items. Talk about taking shopping to a whole new level! Go shopping the Wiki Way!

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