January 17, 2009

How I Saved Php 50,000.

In the spirit of the quintessential shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood (from the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella), I saved a lot of money today. Sure I had to spend some to save it, but nonetheless I did save a bundle...

You see, it all began one fateful day when I walked into the Power Mac Center at Greenbelt. This happened a few months after I had fully paid for my MacBook. There, sitting on the shelves, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen...a 20-inch, white trimmed powerhouse...the iMac. Fiddling with the slimmest keys I've ever seen, and attempting to use the wireless optical mouse, I fell in love.

Then came the price tag. And my heart sank. Still, I sucked it in and asked, "how much more do I need to add to get the Office for Mac installed". When the clerk informed me it would be another 9,000 php, all the hopes for the iMac flew out the window.

How did this save me money? Well, to put it simply, I reframed my thinking.
Now how did this help, you may ask.

Well, for one, I decided to look around. It took months to really allow myself to compromise with a PC. No offense to Microsoft. It was just after discovering Mac, and falling in love with the beauty of the white macs, it was difficult to go back to the older kinds of computers I used to know.

However, as I strolled the malls, still entering Mac stores every now and then, I saw the Acer and HP computers. Got me to thinking, "check it out, why don't you?". And so I did. Even then, it took a lot of self-talk, debate, and thinking for me to come to this conclusion: since one of my resolutions for 2009 is to be able to save Php 20,000 at the minimum, I shouldn't get the iMac. Instead, I should get the HP Pavillion. Why? It had good specs...It looked great...and I saved Php 50,000 in the process.

Talk about rationalizing!!! Mwahahaha!!!

Seriously, however, I am enjoying this new toy of mine immensely. Thus far, I still have to explore the many features of it. This is my first Vista experience as well. I'm liking it fine, despite negative feedback I've heard so far. To be fair, it is very pretty to look at hehe. I like the colors, the shapes and how the whole tabbed thing works.

Pavillion (still thinking of a nice name for this gadget of mine, any suggestions?) also came with a 19 inch LCD flatscreen monitor. This has been my favorite part! Although on one hand, it seems to me to be an admission of my getting older...hehe. The widescreen is truly a pleasurable experience! Oh, plus having a right click again makes doing stuff more convenient!

love viewing my site!!!

Don't know what to say about the whole operation and what not of the entire system, because I'm still figuring it out. Wait for further updates...will see if my savings was well worth it!

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