January 17, 2009

I Am an Artist!

Tonight I attended the launch of Art In Site Magazine, a magazine for, by and about Filipino artists. As a little backgrounder, last year, around July (or so, if I remember right) they sent an email blast asking all artists to send in their works as part of the Covers Project, an ambitious undertaking in which the editors aimed to gather 3000 artists and have them showcase their piece as a cover of the magazine. All forms of art were welcome: drawings, sketches, photos, essays...the list was endless.

You see, their goal was to have the initial issue with 3000 unique and original covers. With that said, I sent in 2 pieces, one a mandala drawing in pen entitled "A Million Pieces of Me" and another, an article I wrote about being a teacher in the Philippines. Although as I understand, the magazine did not meet its target of 3000 artists, but they still had a good turnout of about 1700 artists.

This evening, during the launch, 400 of the pieces were on display in Ayala Museum…and yes, mine was one of them!

Unfortunately I could not afford to buy the magazine, as it was selling for 3000pesos. I didn’t think it was worth it because for one, I have the original piece as I sent in a photo of it only, and two, it’s not really “printed” as a cover, but inserted in a small flap. It was inserted “as is”, meaning, it was the photo I sent (which incidentally cost only 60 pesos to print hehe!) Nevertheless, it was a big thrill seeing my work on display, as well as on the big screen where they flashed many other works. Especially exciting were works submitted by my cousins, Tanya and Gabbie, and Gabbie's boyfriend Blaez!

works by Maria Andrea Tirazona and Blaseus Ong

works by Tanya Escaler and Gabbie Saenz
As an added thrill for me, the editors informed me earlier on that other piece I sent was not included as a cover anymore…because it was too nice to be just a cover. They asked if they could print it in the magazine. Although I was slightly disappointed it was not in this issue, I am excited as according to the editor, hopefully it will be on the 2nd issue, which comes out in April.

the artists Bee, Blaez and Ria

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