November 6, 2008

Who are You today?

The other day, my so-called uncomplicated friend and I had coffee at Starbucks. Yes, despite the lingering disappointment with the lack of the Peppermint Mocha. For some strange reason, we started tripping on the text written on the table.

I probably sat on one of those tables a thousand times already but I never noticed what was written on it. One that got me a lot was this one: who are you today.

Okay, okay, granted it's shallow, but it got me to thinking (and perhaps reminiscing, about who I am today.

It made me look back at my days when I was still a student hanging out in Starbucks trying to work on some papers and cramming, trying to prep for my comprehensive exams. Back then I was a very idealistic young girl, believing that I could do what ever it was I wanted to do.

Then like flashbulbs popping in my head, memories of first dates (and seconds and thirds!) in Starbucks suddenly came flooding in. Those days I was a giddy girl, hoping that maybe this guy would be the one I grow old with.

And when that guy seemed to come along, but in the end turn out not to be, Starbucks became the home of the bitter, heartbroken woman who lost all her bearings and could not make sense of the world.

There were days when I was the Self-focused Introvert, just spending time with herself, learning new things about who she is and what she is all about. Other days I was child-like and carefree, not thinking about anything and anyone, just the moment, usually with my uncomplicated friend. I have also been the Shoulder to Cry on, the Listening Ear, the Sympathetic Friend, and the Gossip Girl all in Starbucks, hanging out with one of my girlfriends.

So at the end of the day, the trippy question "who are you today" ended not being so trippy after all....everyday (or should I say, every trip) in Starbucks brings out a different side of me, all of whom are neatly wrapped up in a neat little package named Ria.

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t.,  11/07/2008 11:50:00 AM  


pede 'tong entry sa "what's your starbucks story" contest. hehe. i'm sure if the walls, and the chairs, and the tables, and the cold and warm cups could talk, they'd tell you how dear you are to them... :)

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