November 23, 2008

Mac just got a whole lot more fun!!!

Since I got my MacBook a year and a half ago, I've grown to love it more and more each day. I've loved the software, the cool features, the fact that I can save files as .pdf even without buying a separate software for it....but there was always one thing missing: games to play. By trading up to the Mac from my old Acer, I missed out on playing online games like Chuzzle, Zuma and Diner Dash. I remember while I was on my Coron weekend getaway with my collegues we got into a big discussion as to whether Mac was really better than Windows and the one thing they held over me was the fact that it was easy to get and download games especially since most games are .exe files (well, at least as far as I knew then).


While I was surfing the other day, I came across free, yes FREE MAC GAMES!!!! Finally, a site that offers free games, software, and news all devoted to the Mac. Granted that some of them may be demos only, it still is great that there is a site that gives me a taste of mac games. It also offers a lot of info about what's out there for my mac. With this site, my Mac just got a whole lot more fun!

As I write this I am currently downloading a game called Sparkle, which according to the site is like Zuma...up next is another old favorite that I've sorely missed: spider solitaire for mac.

The downside to finding this site: I really, really want an iMac even more!!!

2 stars twinkling:

t is for toys!,  11/24/2008 07:19:00 AM  

wow macgames! :D may i play? hehehe.

(1st hit :D)

cate defrise,  2/25/2013 11:31:00 PM  

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