November 13, 2008

Career Options

Don't get me wrong: I love being a teacher, but many times there are things I don't like about it. To top off the list, I can say waking up early and having to smile through a migraine are at the most unlikable things about it. Frustratingly difficult students (and their parents alike) closely follow. Not having a lot of money, having to think too much, and the need for research in the name of career advancement also make me question my goals every now and then.

Today as I was blog-hopping (a.k.a. avoiding the inevitable need to revise my thesis proposal) I came across a stay-at-home moms blog entry that dealt with the dilemma of career choices.

This got me to thinking: if I were not a teacher, what would I be?

As a child I dreamt of becoming a nurse. Nope, not a doctor, but a nurse. My family, however, said, why be a nurse when you can be a doctor? Why do the scut work when you're well equipped to go to med school? So I did consider that. In fact, I entered college believing I would end up being a doctor. Today, however, I am glad I am not, for I think a lot of who I am would not be the same if that were the case.

I've always also wanted to be a writer. I contemplated enrolling in Creative Writing for college, but was told but writing will not make you much money, unless you're someone like (so and so) and what not. Besides, they said, you've got the inherent talent for writing, you don't need to study it. Do it on the side And so I put that aside. In a way, I can honestly say I still am glad, because perhaps if I were a writer trying to beat a deadline all the time, the passion and love for it would not be the same.

I wanted to be a ballet dancer, ice skater or a gymnast. As a child I idolized Bea Lucero, Nancy Kerrigan, and Dominique Moceanu. But hello, being a fat kid with zero coordination made that impossible! Plus I don't have the discipline.

Of all the career options, however, the one I hold closest and dearest to me is being a Stay at Home Mom. To be a mother and housewife has always been my greatest aspiration. Many may find it corny or what not, but for me, this, I think is what I would like to do best.

Maybe that's why I am a preschool teacher...while I may not be a stay at home mom, being a preschool teacher is a good substitute for now. Plus it gives me the chance to explore other options till the time comes when I can shift gears and change careers. Or maybe not.

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