November 4, 2008

Starbucks Planner!!!

It's finally here!

The long wait is, Starbucks unveiled the latest addition to their yearly planners. To be honest, just like I said in my previous post, I was a bit disappointed by it's arrival. It simply didn't stir up as much excitement as last years fabulous planner.

Nevertheless, I still want it! I've already chosen which one I want...the red one. To be fair, despite the somewhat disappointing arrival of the planners, I have to admit the promo is kinda better this year. Nonetheless, there still is a lot missing to it.
Let's start off with the good.

It's a definite plus that this year there are much less stickers you need to collect. This time, one only needs to fill up 16 stickers, 8 for the special Christmas drinks, 8 core Starbucks drinks. The added bonus is there is already a free sticker on your first purchase. So when you get your card, you automatically have two stickers already. Downside, as said in my previous post, there is no Peppermint Mocha. This year the new featured drink is Dark Cherry Mocha. Kinda tastes like Coffee Bean's Black Forest, but missing the chocolate covered coffee bean.

Another good point is that it's lightweight despite being hardbound. It's a nice size and thickness. Major points for that. The "leathery"appearance is nice too, but definitely cannot compare to the soft brown leather of last year.

I love the fact that the paper inside is lined. Yipee. Hopefully this motivates me enough to keep writing next year haha. The paper inside is nice and clean looking too, not cluttered by a lot of pictures, graphics or grafitti of any sort. Simple and straightforward.

I want the red one, as I said. Obviously, the availability of color choices is a good one too. This way there is some variation, not just for me to choose from, but I think it kinda gives it a different feel. In 2009, we won't see as much identical planners as before.

Now for the downside: no freebie at all. No more coupons, no pen, no pencil, no stickers, no cards, NOTHING. The card also seems to no longer have the Spark Hope part, the one you fill up. Makes me wonder: does this mean it no longer is part of the project?

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