November 11, 2008

Got my Starbucks Planner!!!

8 days, 15 stickers and a million kulits later, I got my Red Starbucks Planner! I didn't expect to get it so soon, but thanks to a lucky break (a.k.a. a birthday party blowout given by Mom on lola's birthday) I was able to fill up my stickers. So much fun!!! I must admit that even though I am still not as sold to the present planner, I love it already. Love how much it is like the 2006 planner, which coincidentally was the one I really used the most.

I also take back comments from my previous post that it was super plain and simple. While it is much simpler than the older versions, it still has very nice accents, particularly the dangly page marker. It also comes with an engraved silver pen, which was not in the display so I didn't know about it. The packaging was nice too! I stop now? There's a black one waiting...hahaha. Talk about addict!

1 stars twinkling:

feebee 11/16/2008 11:15:00 PM  

go for black!
i know i shud have chosen that one... :) red is very nice too!

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