February 13, 2009

Rediscovering Old Loves.

Although I promised myself 2009 will be my year of change, I have to admit that I still keep going back to old loves. I suppose embracing change does not have to mean letting go of all the old stuff that makes you feel good and happy. Hmmm...kinda getting sappy here...must be the valentines rush mwahahaha. Incidentally, this post comes upon the heels of catching Mara, Clara the Movie on Cinema One. While I had a good laugh remembering how much I used to follow the show and many other telenovelas back then, it made me realize how much things have changed around me. Today, telenovelas no longer last forever. Characters die and storylines are not as uber predictable as they used to be. Familiar tastes of food have also changed, to some degree, and technology in cinematography has definitely grown leaps and bounds.

However, the essential elements, whether in television, film, music or whatnot still remains the same. In the spirit of my new project, which I will entitle 3 Things, let me list three old loves that still remain the same to me, no matter how much times have changed.

1. An icy bottle of Coke. Even though there are so many variations, sizes and types of bottles of coke now, I still love that bottle. I put it in the freezer and wait till it forms those little icy chunks on top. Aaahhhh....
2. Chocnut. I prefer the king sized ones, because it still tastes like the way I remember it. The smaller ones seem a bit sweeter and grainier than I recall.
3. The Morning Rush on RX 93.1. I remember this was my constant companion on my way to UP Diliman every morning. But when I started working, I stopped travelling so far everyday and the habit stopped. Sometime two Christmases ago, my colleague mentioned something about her brother Chico, and that got me started tuning in again. My mornings definitely would not be complete without the jump start I get from the program.

What about you, what are your three old loves? :-)

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