February 15, 2009

Getting Connected.

Lately I've been working hard at not making my blog simply a place for me to rant. After all, who likes reading complaints all the time right? Today however, I can't help but be frustrated with service provider policies. You see, after months of deliberations I finally decided to subscribe to Sky Broadband. I got my appointment for the 15th any time between 9am to 6pm. Okay, initial reaction: can't you give me a more specific time so I can schedule my day? Answer: sorry ma'am no set time. Just wait please. So do I have a choice? Since I was getting broadband and have to consider my personal finances given this time of economic difficulties, I decided might as well downgrade my Sky Cable Gold subscription to Silver. After all, I'll just lose 5 channels. Not a big loss considering what I get in return. Of course since I'd be waiting for the broadband guys anyway, I said please schedule on the 15th too. The downgrade team came at about 940 this morning. Impressive, i thought. But as of this writing, the broadband guys aren't here yet. What's getting me irritated is not just the delay but the idea that my first day of billing will start on the 15th but I don't actually get to use it! Sure my subscription starts with a free 15 day trial but day 1 is technically gone. Now I don't know about the lower cable subscription whether it starts today or not, but whatever the case, I can't help but feel cheated by yet another corporate giant.

I just hope in the end this is worth it.

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justme 2/15/2009 06:13:00 PM  

Patience is no longer a virtue, it's a talent!!! Hahaha! Peace!!

I know the feeling, it is frustrating to expect. Two months ago I was a victim of this. Hehe. My current broandband provider took 3 weeks to install mine. Arrghh!! After countless phone calls. I wouldn't say I'm satisfied with their service, C'mon, everyone knows that they *woot*.

Wait, wait, wait. Yumyum. Yumyum.

Ria 2/15/2009 08:29:00 PM  

wahaha...that's putting things into perspective nga naman! poor cable guys had to endure my wrath though... hehe. i used to say patience is a virtue i can often live with out, pero tama ka, magpapakaartista nalang ako. i will feign patience then!

t-napay,  2/15/2009 10:47:00 PM  

sayang sa oras davah? tsk tsk. we had the same experience with Globe! *roar* that's why we switched to Smart. in all fairness to Smart, their service was good. but the connection's unstable...huhu. finally switched to PLDT DSL so far, customer service and quality of connection, are generally okay.

promotion? haha!

Ria 2/15/2009 10:53:00 PM  

t: so far so good. but then im still in the "free trial" phase...hopefully service remains the same...except for the waiting part.

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