February 20, 2009

Off to the Zoo.

Spent the morning at Ark Avilon Zoo with my kiddies for their animal field trip. Although I loved the set-up of the zoo and believe that places like these are great learning experiences for young children, I have to admit the inner animal activist in me gave me a light tap on the shoulder. For example, while I still sat for a photo-op with Colin the chimp, it made me think about whether or not it is "right". I also felt for the white tiger who seemed so agitated as hordes of people came to see him. Nonetheless the teacher in me took greater hold and It warmed my heart to see how the kids laughed, ooh-d and aah-d in amazement, and occasionally cringed at the creepy crawlies. At the end of the day I realized that there's really not one point to take in the discussion of whether animals should be housed in a zoo or similar enclosures.

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