February 20, 2009

Project 3 Things.

A few posts ago, I mentioned my new project, which I entitled Project 3 Things. What is this, you ask? Well simple. It is a list of 3's...things to do, places to go, dreams, ambitions, goals, aspirations, basically whatever! This comes at the heels of my new resolution, which is to keep a gratitude journal as well as the reminder from The Secret about the laws of attraction. And so here it goes!

To debut Project 3 things, here are three goals I WILL achieve by the end of the year.

1. Get in better shape. Operationally defined, to fit back in to the clothes that I bought when I lost 80 pounds back in 2002/3. Yes, since then I have gained back a fair share of that weight lost (as can be observed if you look at my header!) but for this year, I'd like to go back down to a decent 120-130.

2. Get published outside of the blogosphere. Not that the blogosphere is not a good place to be published at, but I'd like one more article printed in a newspaper, magazine or what not with my name on it. Hopefully a last hurrah at Youngblood before I turn 30.

3. Clean up my room. Such a daunting task...I think I need to do a Clean House on my room. I am a horder and a pack-rat who seems to have trouble discarding things. In 2009, that will change. But keeping the room clean...that's another story hehehe!!!

What about you...what are 3 Things you wanna do this year?

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