December 3, 2008

Kids really do say the darndest things!!!

One of the perks of being a preschool teacher is being witness to the innocence and charm of the young ones. They really can make you crack up with the things they have to say.

Here are some snippets of things they've said lately to brighten up my day:

Robbi: Teacher, kita ko yung moon noong isang night. Parang happy face! Nakita mo? (Teacher, I saw the moon the other night. It looked like a happy face! Did you see it?)
Teacher: Yes, I saw it.
Robbi: Mukhang happy face, diba? (It looked like a happy face right?)
Teacher: Yes!
Anton: Eh, Teacher, kagabi kita mo? Sad face na siya!!! (What about last night, Teacher? It was a sad face already!!!!)

Teacher Jam, long hair! (strokes teachers hair)
T. Jam: Yes, long hair. What about Cara?
Cara: Cara short hair.
T. Jam: Yes! Very good! What about Teacher Grace?
Cara: Teacher Grace long hair!
T. Jam: Yes! What about Teacher Ria?
Cara: (pauses, crinkles eyebrows for a minute) Teacher Ria....cutie!!! (mwahahahah!!! go girl!!!!)


After observing the life cycle of a butterfly (which apparently was a moth not a butterfly)
Teacher Ria: See the pictures? Where's the caterpillar?
Bebe: It's a butterfillar!!!

Ang saya!!! (So fun!!!)

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tweacher t,  12/11/2008 09:22:00 AM  

cute talaga ni cara! :D

rewind...(kahit nakwento ko na sayo)
tweacher T (to very makulit michael after teaching him the concept of self-control): uh-oh, where's your self-control michael?
michael: it's here teacher t. it's in my pocket (patting his pocket).

wahaha, onga naman. pede maglikot, nakatago pala ang self-control eh. haha!

another one by Andrea (uy kapangalan mo siya kaya pala pilosopo din haha):
tweacher: andeng, continue doing your kumon.
andeng: i dont like na teacher, masakit na ang hair ko eh.
tweacher: ah masakit na ang hair mo, u like medicine?
andeng: ay joke lang teacher, joke lang. :D

hay, we could go on and on... i miss preschool teaching.

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