December 9, 2008

12 Signs of Christmas (Christmas List 5/12)

It's hard to believe Christmas is just about three weeks away. With the economic crunch, the weird weather and all the stress around, it can get hard to really feel the Christmas spirit...

But I got to thinking, what are the 12 signs that really tell us Christmas is on it's way? For me, when these things come about, I start to feel the excitement slowly building up :-)

1. The Christmas Parol. Whatever street corner you're in, you're bound to see them. From paper lanterns to the famous Pampanga parols, this truly signals the start of Christmas time.
2. Order, order!!! Haha. As a partner of BABY CAKES pastries and goodies when orders roll in, this marks the start of sleepless nights, burns in my fingers and the gloriously yummy smells of date walnut bars, banana muffins and all that yumminess...
3. Christmas carols. Endlessly. Enough said.
4. Caroling. I don't know if caroling is different here and abroad, but Christmas Caroling here, especially by the street kids in my cousin's neighborhood, is something else. The banging of the tin drum, the jolly, out-of-tune yelling of "Merry Christmas Po!!!" and the asking for coins is something that I secretly enjoy. At least for the first three days.
5. Christmas bazaars every weekend. And weekdays too haha. I just started it off with a trip to the Worldbex 8th World Bazaar last Friday. The bazaars in Cuenca (Alabang) is also off to a good start...although I have yet to make my mark in it hehehe.
6. TRAFFIC!!! There is no denying the increase in traffic during the holidays. I don't get it, but it does exist.
7. The chill in the air. Even with the weird weather and the crazy hot-cold changes (moody weather as I'd like to think hehe), there is still that crisp chill in the air that tells me it's Christmas.
8. The Christmas tree, stars and all that jazz. :-) Merry Christmas!!!
9. Kris Kringle (aka Exchange gift). I never got the concept of it, but it's a fun tradition.
10. Ensaymada and queso de bola with hamon. What is a noche buena table without it?!? :-)
11. Simbang Gabi. 9 nights of mass at dawn...even if I am not Catholic and I don't observe this, hearing the church bells ring at 4 in the morning reminds me of what Christmas really is.
12. Putobumbung (did I spell that right???) and tsokolate eh. Yum...Christmas tradition to it's fullest. What is Simbang Gabi without it.

What about you...what are your signs of Christmas?

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