December 14, 2008

12 Things I wanna see under my tree (Christmas List 6/12)

While my ultimate Christmas wish is to see a bright, shiny new iMac under my tree this year, it may not be something anyone short of Santa can bring me. With this said, I got to thinking: what is my real Christmas wishlist? Something that's actually doable for my family, friends, and even myself...hehe. So while I searched the net and other blogs for other wishlists, I found a link to this Christmas Wishlist Online Contest
in Manila Freelancer's blog and I figured since I'm on Christmas list number 6 already anyway, I should give this a try :-)

So, here is my Real Christmas Wishlist for 2008:

1. The new Starbucks Phillipines and Manila City Mugs to add to my existing collection. I've been collecting these city mugs and tumblers for the past three and a half years and at present I have about 30 of them already.
2. A Nokia E71. I know I just got a Nokia 6500c last August, but I broke it!!! Oops :-( I've been eying the E71 because of the Microsoft features. Although I'm a bit hesitant about the QWERTY key pad.
3. Any of the books from my 12 Books for 2009 list, or any of the gadgets in my gadget wishlist
4. A 1000 or 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle? Isn't it just the most relaxing and entertaining thing ever?!? It really is a great past-time for me.
5. A pair of silver or grey Havianas High. I have to admit, even though I first had qualms about buying these exorbitantly expensive luxury, it has been one of my favorite things for 2008 hehehe.

6.GC's to Kamiseta or Bayo. These two stores are among my favorite clothing places ever :-) A GC would be much better than the clothing because it's hard to get the size right sometimes!
7. Scrapbooking stuff. I've been meaning to sit down and make a great scrapbook of my dog Bubba but I haven't really had the time. Maybe during the Christmas break I can get something done. Lately I've been seeing really cute stickers and stuff for scrapbooking, and I wish I could afford them all!!!
8. A plane ticket to Bora. Just the ticket...I can take care of the rest :-)
9. A DVD of ER season 13...somehow I can't find this!!! I have season 1-12, as well as 14, but 13 is so elusive to me!!!
10. A fluffy, white, hotel-type bathrobe. I don't often use bathrobes, but for some reason, I love those bathrobes you see on TV...the ones in scenes from hotels, like that scene from Grey's Anatomy where Addison is wrapped in a robe, Derek comes to apologize, and Mark comes out of the steamy shower :-)
11. A white DLSU Adidas jacket. When the Adidas sale went on in DLSU, they didn't have a single one of, so sad.
12. My thesis finally done, papers passed, all wrapped neatly in a big red bow. Yeah right. Hehe.

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Treasures By Brenda 12/18/2008 03:36:00 AM  

Great list; I do not have one this year.

You might enjoy reading my jigsaw puzzle page, Looking For A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.


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