December 23, 2008

12 things not many know about me (Christmas List 7/12)

Over the past few days, I've gone to different Christmas parties...there was the one in my preschool class, where we had a Christmas Nativity play, then there was our psychological clinics anniversary party followed by a Christmas dinner and last but not the least, there was the DLSU Psychology Department's Christmas party. By far, the DLSU one was my favorite. Why, you may ask? Well, for one, celebrating the good times (no matter how darned exhausted you are) is always a great way to enjoy the holidays. One of the highlights of the party was our fun Kris Kringle or exchange gift. Veering away from the typical draw-a-name-from-the-hat style, we decided to play a game out of it. We wrote down little facts about ourselves that not many know about and the one who drew it had to guess who it was.

For the activity, my little-known-fact was "if I were to think of a career change, I think I'd like to be a TV show host, or a party clown". To be honest, that was not the one I initially thought of...but because I lacked sleep and was beyond tired, I forgot. This is what I wanted to say:

In my past life I think I was a ditzy blonde...hehehe.

thanks Janine for my ditzy blonde pic!!!

So I got to thinking...what are some other things not too many people know about me. So that lead to this 7th Christmas list.

1. I used to have a pet frog named Chinky. Yes, you read that right: frog. Well, to be more succinct I think it was a toad or a bullfrog. These were the ugly kinds...the ones that the adults would say give you warts. I used to have her on a leash and my cousins and I would play frog races all the time.

2. I am painfully shy. PROMISE!!! I may not look it, but it takes extreme effort and self-talk to get myself to engage with other people. I also don't enjoy going out and partying that much, unless it's with really good friends.

3. I have really ugly toes. My mom says I got it from my dad. They're short and stubby, and no matter what I do, they don't look pretty. I just shut my eyes and pretend I don't care about it when I wear my Crocs or Havianas.

4. I would gladly give up a full steak-and-potatoes meal for dessert. I swear. Meals are yummy and great, no doubt, but for me, nothing tops dessert.

5. My mom is cooler than me. Seriously. My mom is not the typical mom...and often times, I have to remember that she is the mom and not the other way around! She's just more free-flowing and spontaneous than I am.

6. I'm a tequila girl. Remember those scenes in Grey's Anatomy where Mer downs all those shots of tequila? That's like me. I don't drink beer, I hate scotch, but tequila....oooh tequila.

7. I hate cold weather. Every time the weather gets cold and damp, I feel sad and icky all over. I hate the feeling of being chilly and the rain makes me miserable. It's like I'm literally getting cold on the inside.

8. I despise driving. However, to be practical, I do it.

9. I'm quite good at video and arcade games. Growing up I always had a Nintendo or a Sega on hand, and I would always be able to master the games rather quickly. Except for Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter hehe.

10. My greatest dream is to be a stay-at-home mom and housewife. In fact, I used to want to have six kids!!! Now I'd settle for one. Or two :-)

11. I want to have a photocopy machine in my house. Not the printers with copiers, but an honest to goodness photocopier.

12. I'm a really good cook. I may not be gourmet, but I make yummy food :-)

What about you? What's a fact not many know about you?!?

4 stars twinkling:

t is for tequila too :),  12/23/2008 07:19:00 PM  

what i really didnt know was number 2! :D and even if you told us about it, it feels like i still dont know that fact about you. hehehe! :D that's a compliment.

and we know you cook yummy food! di namin makalimutan ni pat ung pasta na pinatikim mo samin kahit ikaw nakalimutan mo na. hehehe. :)

5 more posts to complete ur Christmas list. keep it coming!

Pat,  12/23/2008 10:45:00 PM  

bagay sayo maging blonde ria. try mo kaya hehe.

jennai,  12/27/2008 02:06:00 PM  

Painfully shy?!

I strongly suggest you remove the 'painfully' part. CAN host--I doubt 'painfully' shy people can do that ; )

Ria 12/29/2008 08:55:00 PM  

trust me j...painfully does not begin to explain it!!!

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