November 17, 2005

Goody Two Shoes

I used to be hate being called "Goody Two Shoes". Anytime my sister and I would have an argument, she knew that calling me that would be my Achilles heel. It's not really that I dislike being a "good girl" but I dislike it being held against me. For me, there is nothing wrong with doing the right thing, right? But no matter what, when it is used as a point against you, it can bring a stinging blow to your ego.

In as much as being called a goody two shoes can be annoying, I guess that's also why I've never had "real" problems. Not that life has been perfect, but no matter how difficult things get, I always make it through. Karma? Maybe. And I guess that's also why I tend to be too gullible with people.

Tonight, however, I caught the movie Flight Plan (which was great but quite anxiety provoking!!!) made me think, why do bad things happen to good people? Although I believe that God gives us trials which He knows we can bare and that no matter how bad it is, there is a purpose, why can't He just give it to someone who "deserves" it?

I think it was epiphanous (is that a word??? maybe I should just say it was an epipahny) in terms of my thesis. In the past few weeks, I have been thinking, debating and agonizing over it. Then it dawned on me, why not pursue this question: why do bad things happen to good people? No - that's not the topic, but it is a question I am sure my target group asked at one point or another. I'm thinking of looking into the journey one takes in transition to a specific issue (haven't decided yet, but something to the effect of transition to being diagnosed with cancer or something, definitely something not widely studied yet!). Bottom line, no matter how bad things get, good people still make it through with a smile. What accounts for that? I don't really know, call it personal strengths, or self-efficacy, but it can never be denied that there is something greater then that. Some people may call it Karma, but I think it's Divine Intervention.

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doubleknot 11/18/2005 04:33:00 PM  

You got it. One of the gifts given to us is free will. Now that we have that it is up to us to learn from life's lessons or they may be repeated till we do or don't. Maybe Karma is the right word for it because I also belive that what goes around comes around. We aren't all good nor are we all bad and belive me God is not interested in little things like slipping up with a swear word - unless you have a paticular problem in the area - what ever your Higher Power it is in the game of life for the big picture because he loves us unconditionally even if we don't belive in anything. I have seen this working once my eyes were opened.

doubleknot 11/27/2005 07:19:00 PM  

Hello there. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Things ended up turning out better then I though they would.
How are you doing? Has your tooth gotten better?

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