March 10, 2010

Bubba's Visit to the Vet

Yesterday, I was alarmed when my brother called me and said "napilay ata si Bubba" (I think Bubba sprained his foot). I was so worried that I drove home as fast as I could. When I got home, he limped carefully towards the gate (although still as joyously as he usually does!). I saw he was holding up his left paw and couldn't bear much weight on it. He wouldn't let me touch it to check, so I believe it must have been hurting him a lot. I was so worried about him all night and to top it off, there was a brownout for over two and a half hours from 11 pm till about 1:30 am. I had to keep on fanning him because he was so uncomfortable and I could hear him breathing heavily the whole time.

Incidentally, he was really scheduled to go to the vet today for his annual anti-rabies shots. So not only did the vet check his paw, he also got his 7-in-1 vaccinations (against Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, etc.) and heartworm prevention shots updated. I spent P1,600 to get all of this done, and although it was a blow to the pocket, I think the protection it gives him (and people around him) is worth the expense.

Going back to his foot, however, the doctor really couldn't find anything wrong. There's no fracture or visible wounds, so his suspicion is either someone may have stepped on his foot, he could have had the dog door shut on his toe or he could have stepped on something hot while taking his morning walk. I was advised to just keep the area clean and to observe for the meantime.

Thanks so much to all my blogger and plurk friends who offered words of comfort and support to me last night as I worried myself sick over my little Bugoy :-)

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Heart of Rachel 3/10/2010 10:07:00 PM  

I'm happy to know that Bubba is doing better. I hope the discomfort on his foot will go away soon.

Kudos to you for updating Bubba's shots.

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