March 18, 2010

I care about eye care.

A former professor of mine used to play a game of forced choices with us. He'd ask us two equally difficult or improbable options to choose from and he'd say that we just had to pick one --- no explanations, no rationalizations, just choose. I used to hate that game, mainly because I don't like making quick choices, except of course when it comes to shopping.

Anyway, a few days ago I read an article about glaucoma which was written by a blogger friend of mine and it got me to thinking about forced choices. If you were to lose one of your five senses, what would it be? I guess up to now I can't really decide and I pray with all my heart I never have to know what that's like but it made me more aware of the importance of  eye care because as a blogger and a more visually oriented person, losing my sight is probably the worst thing ever. In her article, Doc Joanna talked about ways to avoid glaucoma and the importance of having yearly checks to be able to prevent or treat possible eye diseases. While I am still relatively young (okay, despite being in my 30's) I will start making sure I have the right eye wear especially since I love being under the sun. As per the article, sun exposure can be a factor in damaging the eyes too. Also, since I'm always in front of the computer, I will make it a point to rest my eyes every hour to avoid damaging I said...I care about eye care!

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