March 10, 2010

Moving in New Directions

It's been almost a year since I explored the world of self-hosted blogging and creating niches for my sites. Since then, I have seen my life go in so many new directions, sometimes it's hard to keep up. I went from being a typical schoolteacher to a pseudo-media practitioner (I call it pseudo because I've only gotten my toes wet in this new direction, I haven't really fully submerged myself in to it), and for the most part, I've loved every minute of it. It goes way beyond the perks of attending events, but I love how by going in this new path, my world has really opened up.

I'd like to think my adventure has also influenced the people I work with in my offline life. Since I've shared about what I do online, my colleagues, for example, have started to recognize the potential of blogging and social media in our clinical practice. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to manage our company site, and being the newbie that I still am, I'm still having difficulty learning the ropes. One thing I am exploring now is a good business web hosting plan, especially since I think that our needs may exceed a personal blogger's needs, but these are all just ideas so far. I still have to orient myself with the terms and codes that still confuse me every now and then!

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