May 12, 2010

Webhosting, HTML and other online language

Two years ago, I knew nothing about CSS, HTML and all these foreign sounding codes. I figured, why'd I have to learn about it when I had my free blogging platform that worked like a charm. It had built in designs and templates, all I really needed to do was type in my text and click publish. However, after some time I got bored with the backgrounds, the colors and so on and so forth so I started exploring the lay-outs and codes. Soon enough I learned what java script meant and these previously unknown terms became understandable to me. At first, it was limited to just tweaking the html codes. My biggest accomplishment at that time was being able to install my own favicon, thanks to some online tutorials!!!

Today I have progressed to knowing about bandwidth, cpanel and cheap hosting plans that offered the best package for your blogging needs. I am lucky I have a web host who helps me a lot with figuring out how things work and who gives me tips to improve the monetizing potential of my blogs. It's nice that even someone like me can redesign and tweak my blogs almost completely independently.

The next thing I have to master with this whole blogging thing is remembering how all these things work and more importantly: the passwords of all my different blog accounts!!!

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steph 10/13/2010 01:24:00 AM  

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