May 12, 2010

Bubba's Vacation!!!

I am looking forward to Thursday because at long last, I will be taking Bubba back to the beach!!! :-) The last time we were there was October two years ago and both he and I enjoyed it a lot. The only downside to our trip is the fact that my trusty old point and shoot camera broke down...just when I bought a new battery for it. For some reason, it started taking photos with all these random white lines on it. My online friends say it looks like a lens problem and that having it repaired may not be worth it. I'm gonna give it a shot though, but most likely they're right :-( Funny though, it can still take videos. Let's see what happens from here. I'm trying to stop myself from buying a new one because a.) I don't really need it and b.) I have my SLR camera anyway. But I still want a handy point and shoot!!! Gadget gods please send one my way!!!

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