May 20, 2010 taps into my inner bagaholic!

I swore I will never buy a branded bag in my lifetime. No matter how popular or beautiful these bags may be, whether it is a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Hermés, I wasn't going to buy them. Now...if I were to be given one as a present, that's another story!!!

Anyway, when I was browsing through the website (I was looking if they had any of those good, sturdy laptop bags for sale  that's suitable for traveling. Last time I went out of town my laptop kinda got squeezed around because my bag was not airplane worthy!) I came across a whole bunch of these branded bags. I quickly dismissed them and wondered why people spent so much money on these bags until I came across something that caught my eye:

Pretty, right? Against my better judgment, I clicked it and fell in love with it even more! *sigh*

What I like about it is that it's a super simple and classic design without so much fanfare and yet can catch anyone's eye (it sure caught mine!) Plus, it reminds me of the bag in the television show Rubi which stars Angelica Panganiban. Being a big fan of that show I suppose is what attracted me to this bag. Hers was black though, but I prefer this gold version. However, the price tag broke my heart!!!

Yes, my inner bagaholic suddenly came back to life!

I guess it's back to the bag search for me since this is an impossibility for me! Luckily has a whole bunch of other beautiful bags, some preloved, some brand new. I'm sure something here will fit my budget. Let's just hope I don't get sidetracked by all the other products and  classified ads in the website or else I'd be needing more than just 217,000!!! This may be a tall order though: browsing through these ads is so easy and user-friendly, plus it makes doing online purchases so easy that it will take every ounce of effort to control myself. Although I have to admit, having online shopping so readily available in a local setting is a great thing. Perhaps I should think about selling some things there too, what do you think?

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geka,  5/20/2010 02:27:00 PM  

hi ria!
i am a bagaholic. influenced by my mom. i have that bag. one in white. one in black. for some reason, i love chanel more than LV. get that bag. it's super nice and it goes with everything(well, almost everything i think). it's a classic.

Ria 5/20/2010 08:52:00 PM  

wow geks...wish ko lang i can :-) pero i think (besides not being able to afford it) i have can make more important use of the cash :-) but a girl can dream can't she!

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