February 11, 2010

Finding Math Solutions Online

Many of the kids I work with struggle with math. Heck, even I struggled with the same thing all through school. Just this morning, I got word that one of my former students who is a fourth grader now is looking for a tutor to help her with her math problems. Finding a good tutor, especially this late in the school year, is a little difficult because most teachers I know are fully booked already. Whether its for statistics help, Precalculus help or chemistry help, tutors are in big demand.

So I suggested checking out online tutoring services. Online math tutoring can be a good alternative for her problems, especially since she's pretty competent with her studies anyway. She just needs the extra support and someone to check on her math answers for her homework. Also, I think that having this kind of supervision is sufficient enough for this girl's needs.

Perhaps if I were a student of today with the conveniences of modern technology, I would not have struggled as much. Who knows, with enough of this help, I could have graduated with honors instead.

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