February 16, 2010

Data Cards and Mobile Connections

Recently, my friend spruced up my HP IPAQ in the hopes that I can make use of the portable pocket PC once again. Ever since I got it a few years back, I never was really able to get how to make the internet connections work. All I'm usually used to is the automatic types that just connect instantly when it finds a signal. One of the tabs in the internet connections options said "data card", which I had no idea what was. So I checked it out on Google and found a blog about data cards and I realized that this is perhaps why I was not able to maximize the internet potentials of my pocket PC.

A data card is something that can be used with notebooks computers for mobile broadband access, like one of those Aircel data cards. I haven't seen any of these cards yet but I would sure like to give it a try, after all, I already have the device. It would be great to actually make it work. These data cards boast good browsing speeds which is better than a dial-up connection, although it's said not to be good enough for streaming media. Nonetheless, for a blogger like me, I think it would serve it's purpose enough.

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