February 11, 2010

Cinema Peeves

Watching movies are supposed to be pleasurable experiences, right? Not so long ago, however, as I watched a film in Robinsons Place, I got so frustrated because of two very uncouth and disrespectful girls. For a good part of the movie, one of them was on a cellphone. And take note: she was on loudspeaker. Genius right? If I weren't so far away, I would have told her off. When she wasn't on the phone, she and her companion laughed and talked loudly.

I remember before when I was younger, there were ushers in movie houses right? I was hoping one would show up today and shush those girls up, or better yet, ask them to leave. In general I let those who chit chat during a movie go. I understand that it's almost human nature to do so. But to completely disregard rules of etiquette and consideration? Oh please.

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