March 25, 2009

Summer Weekend Getaway!

Whether or not it is summertime, a beach getaway is always a welcome reprieve from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. This weekend, I was blessed to have such a reprieve.

My family and I spent the weekend at a family friends house in Caylabne Bay Beach Resort. It's a perfect place for a family weekend because it's got almost anything you would want...a beach, swimming pools, play areas...I've been there so many times in the past already but it is always nice to be there again, although I have to admit, this weekend posed some minor disappointments, which, to be fair, was not really the resorts fault.

First, we did not know that there was a company outing being held in Caylabne. Of course I can't complain about that, because that is indeed one of the features of the resort. I figured if I was with the company, I would be very happy about the chosen venue. However as a private citizen attempting to enjoy a vacation, it was a slight setback.

As I said, for a company outing, Caylabne would definitely be a good place to choose. Not only is there the beach for games and activities, there are also two swimming pools that can be utilized. I even remember in a previous trip there was an obstacle course set up for another company activity.

The second disappointment for me over the weekend was the fact that the sea was infested with jellyfish!!! Again, no fault to the resort I suppose. I guess it's because it's summertime and most beaches are filled with these sea creatures. I have to laud the resorts efforts to keep the jellyfish at bay, however. I saw their employees work tirelessly at plucking them out and disposing of them in big tubs or burying them in the sand so people could at least play in the water. In all fairness, the jellyfishes around were not like those in TV that sting you and are quite painful. In fact, while my mom and I went clamming (I'll get to that a little later!) we'd occasionally pick them up and throw them to shore. Nope, no stinging or itching at all!

The third downside to this latest trip is the one thing that can be attributed to the company, I guess. It was sad to see that the resort was not as well maintained as it used to be. In fact, they even do not have the lounge chairs in the beach front anymore. Also, the garbage bins that used to be all around and easily accessible to the guests were gone too. This is quite sad, especially since the resort actually charges very much for an overnight stay in their hotel.

In any case, despite these disappointments, I still enjoyed my Caylabne Bay weekend. It is still nice to see a sanctuary for flora and fauna alike. The chirping birds can definitiely still be heard throughout the resort. We even saw monkeys loitering around, like we used to several years back when we first came over. With regards to the beach, what I like best about this particular beach is that there are a lot of clams near the shoreline. My mom and I always enjoy searching for these clams and picking them then later on having them for dinner. This weekend, the clams were plentiful!

The best part about going on a weekend retreat is coming home with that to-die-for tan!!! Yipee...I have tan lines again!!!

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