March 11, 2009

No More Tan Lines.

A few days ago I was browsing through some of my old photos and realized: I have no more tan lines. Let me backtrack a bit and explain that statement: I am a certified beach bum. Whenever there is a long weekend, or if I need some "me" time, I will definitely find my way where ever there is sand, sea and surf. Just take a look at my blog header and you'll see how much of a sun lover I am. In fact, I used to be in the beach so often that one day, one of my teachers in graduate school commented that she had forgotten what my true skin color was. Yes, maputi talaga ako. But beacuse I'm such a beach-a-holic, I have a perpetual tan that often fools people into thinking I'm darker than I really am. Just take a look at the photo: see how different my real color is!?! However, as I penny-pinch and tighten the proverbial belt due to economic demands, I have not had the pleasure of lounging in the sun for quite some time.

Given that realization (the faded tan lines, that is), I decided to do some virtual beaching...sad to say, I can't afford to go to the beach now, so I'll have to satisfy myself with cyberbeaching.

So off I went googling and blog searching about nice places to go, when I came across Sago's post on Malapascua, Cebu's very own Boracay...the pictures alone blew me away. Reading the article made me want to go see this beautiful place for myself even more...despite knowing now that the island does not really have standing electricity in it! The whole article was not just a narrative of the authors experience of the resort stayed in, or the island itself, but like those articles in travel books and the like, he even included some trivia about the island and other activities one could try out when in Malapascua.

As summer kicks off, I have to say thanks to Sago for this article...Malapasua Island in Cebu is definitely now on my places to go list!

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