September 30, 2008

FREE trumps SALE anyday!!!!

I used to say SALE was my favorite word, especially when it comes to fashion. Midnight Madness Sales, end-of-season sales, 3-day sales, holiday sales, any sales were always an exciting event for me.

However, as I've made my way through this blogging world, I realize there is a better word than sale: FREE. I never realized how much free stuff there is out there, and how simple it is to get them.

One example of a great freebie is the mug I got from Jonel's Something Sweet and More Blog.

Another one is the free case of coke from the Buhay Coke party a few months back. Plus of course the free dinner, drinks and fun night during the blogger party. Too bad I missed the second party!

One freebie I'll never forget is the free ticket to the D-Cinema Launch at SM North Edsa's the Block. Admittedly, Journey to the Center of the Earth was not really something I would have planned to see, the digital effects of this 3D movie were simply AMAZING!

Of course there's also that controversial
What's your Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf story mug.

Anyway, this time there's a new FREEBIE I'm so looking forward to! What girl can resist a free handbag, after all? :-) Hopefully by October 15, this will be mine!!!!

My soon-to-be-bag hehehe!

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[tweachertw33na],  9/30/2008 09:27:00 PM  

october 15? that's ur deadline diba? will mam C give u this if u meet ur deadline? hahaha! :D

seriously, why? how? when? and where?

Ria 9/30/2008 09:32:00 PM  

aguy super sabaw nga hehe!!! click the link (the blue underlined part that says free handbag). funny funny girl!!!

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