September 29, 2008

Of Books and Technology

After dinner this evening, my nine-year old niece showed me a book and asked if I had read it. I said No, I haven't. Funny, because it was the second time I was asked today I was asked if I had read a pocket book. Now that I think about it, it's kinda sad that I haven't read so many of the popular pocketbooks of today. For one, I have not even read the Harry Potter series! I have, however, seen all the Harry Potter films! It's sad because when I was younger, not having read a book would be the last thing one would ever hear from me. Before the advent of Powerbooks and Fully Booked (where you can actually sit and read the book in leisure), I would spend countless hours lurking around various bookshelves in Goodwill bookstore (at the old North Mall (if I remember it right!) where the Ayala center is now). Since we lived in Urdaneta Village, I'd walk to the mall every Saturday morning, after breakfast, and stay there till about 6PM, just reading book after book.

Nowadays, I seem to find myself limited to reading in the bathroom.

Because of today's modern technology, it seems to me many children are not reading anymore. As a teacher, I see a lack of love for books by most, especially since these books have to compete with television, gadgets, and computer games. While this may be the sad truth, it is very encouraging to see a new item out on the market, which encourages the development of English and reading skills. Welcome, the Easy English PSL.

While it is mainly designed to improve English, it highly encourages reading as part of the development of the language. This modern day audiobook, if I may call it as such, is not like the typical audiobook that you can upload to your Ipod, as it still includes the words that are being read out loud so you can follow along. Further, it has beautiful illustrations that make harness a multi-modal approach to learning (meaning both visual and auditory learners can benefit from it).

The downside to the gadget, however, is that as of now, there is a limited selection of stories it presents. Also, it is more for kids to adolescents, so maybe adults may not necessarily enjoy it (but they still can!!!).

So while it is true technology has become so much bigger than us, we can embrace it and use it to still remain true to the core competencies needed in life, especially reading and the love of books.

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[T],  9/30/2008 09:31:00 PM  

Goodwill! hahaha! classic!

if college students have their laptops and preschoolers have their leapad, i wont be surprised if gradeschoolers bring this to school.

*sorry for using different names when i leave comments. i try to be untraceable. bwahehe!

Ria 10/01/2008 12:15:00 AM  

hehe...yup, goodwill pa talaga! gosh, nabubukong tumatanda na ako!

true: this will be the next gadget invading schools. At least educational diba? :-) great pa for long trips. Lessens the "are we there yet" commentary hehe.

untraceable ka jan. haha.

jennai,  10/02/2008 01:55:00 PM  

^ *snickers* you're really paranoid, are you, T..LOL!!!

Um, if you ARE the T I know ^o^

Oist, the best ang Goodwill Bookstore! I remember when I used to work at 6750, tambayan ko yan sa lunch...and I bought the best anatomy art book I have there for a reasonable price : ) *regrets not getting the Renoir collection*

Ria 10/02/2008 05:02:00 PM  

*jen: i'm referring to the super old goodwill pa ha...pero so true, goodwill was always the best place to find affordable books. ngayon booksale nalang hehe

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