September 27, 2008

Beyond Determination

Sometimes there comes a point in time when one has to accept defeat. In this case, I wouldn't say defeat was a bad thing....

I used to to believe giving up or accepting defeat was a sign of weakness. I often equated it to being a loser, or something of that sort. However, the other day I had to admit to myself that this time, taking a step back is wiser than forcing my way through such a difficult task in the face of time constraints.

So even though this means goodbye Italy, I have to say, maybe next time. At this present moment, dogged determination is not enough to pave my way to that dream destination.

Sometime ago I came across an invitation to a convention in Italy on Health Psychology. As I browsed the flyer, I saw that the theme, more succinctly, one of the areas for presentation, was about my thesis topic, which I successfully defended earlier this year. I admit that I have lost steam with the thesis, and once again I put it on hold, but when I saw the flyer, I started getting excited again, and motivated to work through it.

However, as my adviser so aptly said, sh** happens, and things kinda got piled up and the thesis got pushed to the back-burner. And because I only decided to buckle up and do it so recently, I have to face the facts that no matter how determined I am to make it to Italy, time does not permit it.

I guess the lesson here really isn't giving up, but maybe to really stop putting things off till tomorrow. Many times, though, it is so much easier said than done.

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jennai,  10/02/2008 02:00:00 PM  

My favorite motto I saw on the net..."Procrastinators Unite! .... tomorrow."

At least you are going through what most normal people who are doing their thesis is going through. You're half done, that's something.

Ria 10/02/2008 05:05:00 PM  

*jen: thanks! yup....let's do it tomorrow!!!

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