April 19, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #1: Out of the Shadows.

This week I explored the whole world of friend who does flickr groups like these keeps telling me to try it out, but I like blogging more than just taking photos. Plus I don't want to get a pro flickr account yet, hehe.

To make a long story short, I made a list of memes I found interesting and want to join. This is the first post of all :-)

Out of the Shadows....Lately I've been feeling a little trapped and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work and lack of time, money and desire to do it, but I am reminded that out of the shadows is bright beauty.

This is my Shadow Shot Sunday. Look interesting? Click here and join!

11 stars twinkling:

That is the chicken 4/19/2009 01:41:00 PM  

I'd come out of the shadows if there was a pool like thant for me to dive into! Nice shadow shot...and welcome!

Ria 4/19/2009 02:10:00 PM  

thanks! i just came from your shot too...lovely! see you next week!

Sylvia K 4/19/2009 02:20:00 PM  

What a delightful shadow shot! Welcome to the fun shadow game!

Hey Harriet 4/19/2009 02:46:00 PM  

Oh that's a lovely shot! I know what you mean about needing to upgrade to a Pro Account on Flickr if wanting to join all the cool photo memes on there! I just have the basic freebie account which keeps me from joining them. For now ;)

Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday. Have a great week :)

Ria 4/19/2009 03:03:00 PM  

Thanks Harriet! Yes, for now!!!

Have a great week too. See you next week.

Thanks too Sylvia K! Happy shadow hunting!!!

Paz 4/19/2009 06:51:00 PM  

Yes, "Out of the shadows is bright beauty." Wonderful shadow shot of yours.


Sweet Repose 4/19/2009 08:26:00 PM  

You have come to the perfect place of stop and look in wonder at the beauty all around are rich beyond measure!

Your profile is beautiful, as is your shadow...welcome to the tribe!


gingereebs 4/19/2009 09:41:00 PM  

Stunning shot! Where was it taken? Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday!

twobarkingdogs 4/20/2009 01:02:00 AM  

Welcome. And, great photo!

Wonder Turquette 4/20/2009 01:22:00 AM  

An excellent start! :-) Have a sunny and happy week!

whizkid 4/20/2009 02:24:00 AM  

Nice shot! Welcome :)

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