April 3, 2009

Browser Shopping.

In the past few days, I have discovered a new favorite past time: browser shopping. In many ways, it has replaced my love for window shopping, especially these days given the crazy weather and the cost of gas for my car. Imagine, by just opening several browser windows, I am ushered into not one, not two but a whole kaboodle of malls! The best thing about it: all in the comforts of my own home!

This has definitely made planning for my friends wedding so much easier. I was even able to find great gift suggestions for her shower, and I also was able to show her a whole range of bridesmaids gifts that she could choose from.

Other than saving on fuel and managing the erratic weather, I think this whole browser shopping technique really trumps real-life window shopping. Why? For one, through the browsers, with one click, everything you want is there! No need to go from one store to another to canvass. Just look through the guides and viola...decision making in a snap. Also, because you see the options and can go back to them easily, you are not tempted to buy an item right away then regret it later because you see something better. As such, you end up saving a bundle!

Since I've saved on my friends wedding present, I think I have enough to even look for a new thing or two for the artist in me!

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