April 26, 2009

I Promise....

I give you my heart to have and to hold,
to protect and to keep,
to love and to cherish

Ok, I took some liberties here! Maybe traditional wedding vows do not necessarily use the word protect, but for me, I think marriage implies that. After all, you give yourself completely and wholly to another and from that day forward, you face life together, the good and the bad.

Yesterday I attended the most moving wedding ceremony ever. A good friend of mine got married. What made the ceremony extremely touching is the fact that, despite their handicaps, these two hearts found a true and lasting love and vowed to be together, protecting one another and to weather whatever storm that may come their way together. As they signed their vows, I heard a lot of sniffling around the chapel as the guests all became teary-eyed. I was truly blessed to be a witness to such a wonderful union.

This is my weeks Photo Hunt: Protect(ion).

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Anonymous,  4/27/2009 01:47:00 AM  

Very nice picture & great choice for this week's PH theme!!

I must agree with you about marriage - and protecting one another!! Great post.

Hope you'll have time to visit my "protection" for this week.

Cindy O

Enigma 4/29/2009 06:54:00 PM  
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Enigma 4/29/2009 07:04:00 PM  

Ria, thanks for visiting my site. Yours makes a strong suggestion. Two people who swear their love to one another, whether in marriage or out of marriage, are truly the best protection for each. We should all be so lucky.

DhoyM 4/29/2009 08:52:00 PM  

Hi Ria, thanks for the visit and a comment. Great photo.

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