October 18, 2008

My Top Model Experience.

Had an interesting experience today: I was a hair model!

My friend and I heard about this salon called La Napa when we were in Coron and when we got back, we got offered a free haircut in the salon. We were told that La Napa was one of those high-end salons that offer high quality (and priced!) treatments and procedures so we were naturally curious. I've never had my hair cut in any other place except the typical salon (i.e. Davids) because I've always thought these places were exorbitantly expensive. Me pa, I'm so cheap hehe! So of course being dangled an offer of a freebie haircut I decided to give it a try.

Let me qualify before I go on: I did love my hair and it's length before I got it chopped off. It took me about three years to get it that long after all! Anyway, thinking it's time for a change, I went and decided to take the risk. And take the risk it was!!! Imagine America's Next Top Model make-over episodes: when the girls go in to the salon and are told what they would get. Yup, no dictation from me as to what I wanted. Ganun pala maging hair model haha. In all fairness, the stylist did ask our preference, but in the end, he was able to articulate well what would be a better cut. Like I told the stylist and the cutter: I'm going into it with blind faith!!! The Vidal Sassoon stylist then drew his instructions for my haircut on the mirror and I just bit my lip crossed my fingers and wished for the best!

In the end, I got a pretty short bob (I think that's still what its called). Surprise, surprise, even though I thought short hair makes my already round face even rounder, it actually frames my face quite well. I just hope it stays that way even after I wash it!!!

The hidden perk of my freebie haircut is I got paid, half GC, half cash!!! I gotta admit: now I wanna be a model hahaha!!!

5 stars twinkling:

haircut partner :),  10/19/2008 11:39:00 AM  

onga noh! it framed ur face better! :)

kahit na na-stress ako sa tagal ng haircut, i'm happy that you convinced me to go haha! :) not only cos i'm very satisfied with my new 'do but because the entire haircut experience (of being a hair model, having your hair done in an expensive salon by a vidal sassoon expert, and getting paid for it hehe) and our sidetrip to salcedo weekend market was fun. hehehe! :) add to that the manong who told you, "ma'am ang ganda ninyo" definitely made my day! :D LOVE IT! WINNER! thanks ria! :)

jennai 10/19/2008 03:08:00 PM  

So were there pictures of you for display, maybe in their catalogues? LOL!

Maybe I'll see the effect better when I see you guys in person. Your pic kinda emphasized your happy and satisfied faces rather than the actual hair. ^_^

Ria 10/19/2008 03:36:00 PM  

*partner: yup, that made my day too, among other things haha. it was enough to overcome my abandonment issues mwahahahaha!!! im glad you came with me. super!

*jen: inspired by you and your cut yan! plus it was free hehe

Andy 11/12/2008 08:16:00 PM  

hey there, i also modeled for them during the last day:) i still have 3 GCs from La Ñapa... So if youre interested I hope youll mail me:) I got 3 1k GCs but Im selling it for 800 each. Thanks!:)

Ria 11/12/2008 10:24:00 PM  

andy: no fair! mine was only for 200!!! plus 200 cash. yours must have been one heck of a hair cut....haha!!!

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