June 30, 2010

What's in the Rainbow's End?

Sometimes I wish I could still believe in the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That will definitely solve a lot of my money woes and let me have the power to purchase whatever I want, whenever I want :-) I don't really need much, but I would love having the option of not having to be tied down to a job to earn a living. Imagine, if  I could spot gold at the end of a rainbow were real, given the price of gold in today's market, I could sure solve not just my problems, but even other people who matter to me.

What's also great about having a pot of gold at my disposal is the fact that gold prices continue to go up, no matter how bad a market can be. Even if gold price fluctuates now and then, it still is a worthwhile investment. This is why, I think, many people invest in gold buillon and bars.

So, do you wanna join me in finding a gold spot at the end of the rainbow??? Hahaha! If only these were real!!! For now, I will settle for investing in gold jewelry! Speaking of which, maybe this would be a great gift for my latest goddaughter, what do you think???

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